I have been working as a Neuro-Energetic Kinesiologist since 2017, with my wonderful clients in person and online all around the world.


The body is always trying to communicate, and kinesiology is a language of listening.


In this way, I see Kinesiology like a treasure hunt of hidden wisdom, and I'm an expert treasure hunter!


I quickly and empathetically find the underlying causes of your issues and blocks. Once this underlying stress is accessed it is unwound from the system, creating space for fresh beautiful energy and new pathways to enter one's being.


You transform your life from the inside out and what was once seen as a problem, can be alchemised into an opportunity for deeper connection to self, and then others.

You begin to understand the connection between body and mind, and how working with one impacts the other. Deepening your connection to yourself and find inner strength through self-responsibility.


I deeply believe that we are not our stress responses, and once we unwind this stress from the body, mind and energy systems, we can then make choices that are aligned with our highest potential.


I believe in your inherent goodness and am passionate about helping people to help themselves. I encourage you to commit to yourself whilst also inviting play, ease and joy into your life.


I am also an Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner and a Reiki Level 3A practitioner. I am registered member of the AKA and sits on 2 subcommittees of the NKC; the Ethics subcommittee and the Practitioner Standards subcommittee.

I absolutely love facilitating this path of awareness and healing for my clients while watching their lives transform from the inside out as they remember how to deeply love themselves and allow their body to release.

Kinesiology has been and continues to be, an integral part in my own journey of healing and transformation.
If you feel that it resonates for you too, I would Love to help you help yourself.