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What is Neuro-energetic kinesiology?

Founded in science, spiritual in nature

Kinesiology is a style of energy medicine which uses muscle testing to communicate with the inherent wisdom of the body, as well as the unconscious stress of the mind.

Kinesiology combines Eastern Philosophy and energetic understanding with Western Anatomy & Physiology. We look at ones health as whole, assessing  physical, mental & emotional as well as energetic & spiritual factors.


Kinesiology understands the connection of body and mind and how our energetic body links the two.

Therefore, stress in any 1 area is necessarily going to impact the others. Through muscle testing the body shows us exactly where your stress is held and how best to unwind it for YOU.

Neuro - Energetic Kinesiology is a lineage, or style, of kinesiology, which specialises in  balancing the neurology & detailed energetic structures of the human system. I have 6 years of training and experience in this particular school of kinesiology.

clearing your limbic brain.png

Once the underlying stress is accessed it is unwound from the system, creating space for fresh beautiful energy and new pathways to enter your being.

A variety of energetic corrections are used to bring you back into balance.

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