Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology with Gemma Davies


Let your body guide the way.

You made it!
Let's co-create magic in every cell of your miracle body.
Feel your energy come to life knowing realignment has begun.
I'm Gemma Davies, Neuro - Energetic Kinesiologist, Reiki practitioner and Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner.


Energetic healing is my true love.

I am always in awe at the natural intelligence we have within our bodies

and the intrinsic connection of body and mind. 









We find that if we hear what our bodies are trying to tell us, often the underlying causes to our 'problems' become great lessons.


Through this work we access and de-stress very particular parts of the neurology, biochemistry and energetic structures of the body. 

I have beautiful clients all around the world that I work with online via zoom.
I also have a private clinic space in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. There I dive deep with clients who are committed to multiple sessions.

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As a Neuro-Energetic Kinesiologist I play the role of translator for my clients.

Our bodies have all the answers that we need, they hold deep wisdom, and it is available to us, if we know how to listen.

Kinesiology is a language which allows me to communicate with this knowing. I weave reiki through my client sessions, creating a deep and nourishing container to journey in.

Client Feedback

Thank you Gemma for your incredible online healing session. You helped me explore some really deep seated issues that have been holding me back most of my life. I feel so much lighter this morning & know there has been a big shift in how I see things.
- Elise Guy, Kinesiologist

Gemma is an incredibly gifted and intuitive practitioner; I can't speak highly enough of her! I had the most beautiful, heart-felt, insightful session with Gemma, feeling so seen and cared for, supported and guided into healing, with her gentle presence and compassion. What a gift!
- Sarah Cowell, Cranio Sacral Therapist

Connect with me on instagram @lovefromyourbody